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International conference: Masculinities and feminisms in the Arab-Muslim world

12.03.2021 / Created by (EMWF)

Masculinities and Feminisms in the Arab-Muslim World

In recent years, several studies speak of a "crisis" of so-called Arabo-Muslim masculinity. Is it really a crisis or an evolution of this kind of masculinity? Critical material discussing the role of women in the Arab world have always existed, but very little is known about what male domination represents from the perspective of being an Arab man.

Would this Arab man be representative of an abstract masculinity corollary of the patriarchy of Arab-Muslim societies or is he also a victim of this structural patriarchy of hegemonic masculinity? What are the consequences of the colonial trauma, as a process of domination over the Arab male being, brought about by Western domination?

The social construction of gender is closely linked to notions of masculinity and femininity. In this sense, it would be interesting to explore the links between dominant masculinities and feminisms within the socio-political metamorphoses of the Arab world and in particular among the younger generations.  

This conference seeks to rethink masculinities and feminisms within the Arab-Muslim world in order to identify and understand what it means to be a man (roujula) today and thus to redefine the concepts of virility, masculinity and femininity according to a socio-political and spiritual perspective.

Virtual room of the Euro-Arab Foundation. March 17 and 18, 2021

This conference will be held in Spanish and French;  simultaneous translation services will be available. 

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  • Event type : Scientific meeting
  • Location : Online
  • Start date : 17/03/2021
  • End date : 18/03/2021
  • Start time : 18:30


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