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Dialogue on the impacts of COVID-19: Fighting gender-based violence in the four motors for Europe

26.10.2020 / Created by IEMed

Within the framework of the 2nd Congress on the Eradication of Gender-Based Violence (organized by the Institut Català de les Dones and held on October 26-28, 2020), the side event “Fighting Gender-Based Violence in the Four Motors for Europe” will take place in October 28, 2020.

This event will focus on the impacts of the pandemic and the lock-down, analysing them through the point of view of gender-based violence. During the event, participants will discuss the strategies, alliances and learnings that have been generated among different social agents in times of Covid-19. The representatives of corresponding organizations in each of the regions of Four Motors for Europe (Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Baden-Württemberg, Catalonia and Lombardy) will reflect on the experience of tackling gender-based violence during the pandemic.

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  • Event type : Conference / Debate / Forum
  • Location : online
  • Start date : 28/10/2020
  • End date : 28/10/2020
  • Start time : 13:00

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